Signe Roderik | Founder of Art for Life | Director and producer

With a background as a renowned still photographer, Signe has previously worked with some of the most extraordinary talents in the world of performing arts, including artists from Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Royal Academy of Music, Royal Danish Theatre, Royal Danish Opera and Royal Danish Ballet.

Signe’s work has been exhibited at Royal Opera House (London), at Royal Danish Opera and in several galleries. As a director and producer Signe has recently completed a ballet film trilogy that focuses on the elaborate cultural heritage, which surrounds the enchanted world of ballet. The trilogy, “BOURNONVILLE TODAY”, “THE ART OF SILENCE” and “WHEN I DANCE”, has already achieved high praise across the globe and has been recognized with awards for “best director” and “best short film”.

All of Signe’s work is characterized by strong storytelling and mesmerizing aesthetics. Currently Signe is working on a feature film as well as creating her first ballet.

Signe furthermore holds a university degree in communications and work psychology.