Pernille Munk Skydsgaard | Producer

For many years Pernille has been working in the Danish and international film industry; finishing her major in Film and Media at Copenhagen University with an additional degree in Economics, she first headed the distribution dept. and the international dept. at the Danish Film Institute.

Later she founded her own company 41Shadows producing and distributing films, and recently launched a new streaming platform to support the distribution of high quality films, She has always been dedicated to help advance the best arthouse films to a Danish audience.

Pernille has always been passionate about art, from visiting museums all over the world from when she could walk, to dancing classical ballet for 12 years as a child transitioning into modern dance. Living three years in Washington D.C. she initiated a curated film program at the National Gallery of Art. All of which contributing to her passion for dance and art. Pernille has always been driven by high quality, never compromising.